Design Your Own Custom RGB GPU Support Bracket & Addressable RGB Controller Kit

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Creativity is limitless. At Knight Owl Labs, we provide you the tools to render your imagination onto our RGB GPU Support Brackets and give your PC a much more personalized and unique look. Our RGB GPU Support braces are designed to stylishly protect your Graphics Card from sagging and increase the longevity of the motherboard! 

+ A-RGB ready

+ Compatible with  2-3 slot Graphics Card in different sizes

+ Included easy-mounting bump stops for simple installation and removal

+ Made with high-quality Acrylic

Looking for more? Customize matching RGB GPU Backplate, AIO Covers, and Drive Covers now!

What's Included

Non-Lit (NO RGB)

+ Support Bracket

+ (x4) Long-Thread Thumbscrews

+ Threaded Bump Stop Holder

+ Short Bump Stop

+ Long Bump Stop

RGB LED Backlit (Addressable)

+ Everything above

+ 5V 3Pin Addressable Header Cable

Include Remote + SATA/iCUE/VDG Cable 

+ Everything above

+ A-RGB Remote (SATA Powered)

+ Corsair iCue Cable

+ Gigabyte Fusion VDG Cable


Knight Owl Labs RGB GPU Support Bracket Installation

Installation Video is available here.

** Warning ** Always power off your PC before installing our RGB accessories. You are NOT required to remove your Graphics Card from the build to mount the Support Bracket 

Step 1: Mount the bump stop onto your new GPU Support bracket by screwing manually the two included thumb screws through the rectangular acrylic piece with two threaded holes.

* Tip: For stress-free installation, route/plug in the LED cable (if RGB backlit) before mounting the GPU Bracket

Step 2: Remove 2 screws from the rear PCi Express Slot of your PC Case. These screws will most likely be underneath the two that secure your graphic card to the PCi bracket.

* Note: For larger cards that take up to 2.5 slots or more, simply mount the bracket in lower slots and adjust the bump stop to desired height. 

Step 3: Reinstall the two removed screws to secure the GPU Support Bracket in place

Step 5: Connect your RGB GPU Support Bracket to a power source (if RGB backlit)

You have multiple options to power your new Knight Owl Labs’ GPU Support Bracket with the included Sata-Powered A-RGB Remote, Corsair iCUE Cable & Gigabyte VDG Cable.

Option 1. Connect the RGB Lighting strip into your motherboard’s 3-Pin 5V RGB Header. Check out the list of compatible motherboards here

** Warning ** Only compatible with 5v 3-Pin Controller. If your motherboard has a 12V 4-Pin Header, check out the options below

Option 2. Using the A-RGB Controller:

  • Simply connect the LED three-pin key connector to the GPU Bracket at one end and connect the SATA Power Cable at the other end to any SATA Power Connector from your power supply unit. 
  • Toggle between RGB lighting modes using RF remote control

Option 3. Using iCue Cable

  • Connect one side of the cable to the bracket’s LED strip and plug in the adapter end  into a Corsair Commander Pro or Corsair Node Pro unit
  • Sync up your RGB lighting effect using Corsair iCUE’s software

Option 4. Using Gigabyte VDG Cable

  • Directly plug the adapter into a Gigabyte/Aorus Motherboard Fusion 5V 3 Pin VDG Header and connect the other end to the LED strip

Step 6: Stop worrying about GPU sag and start Gaming in Style!

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