The Last Smile Scrollable Wooden Magnetic Hanger Art

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SIZE: 17.5 x 24 inches
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Designed by Tomugii

Our "Scrollable Wooden Magnetic Hanger Art" is a contemporary, innovative, and aesthetic way to showcase your favorite custom artworks or photos. Your customized artworks or photos will be printed on our Double-White Popup material using UV inks and framed with natural solid magnetic wood bars, which guarantees no erosion/tearing over decades, easy storage, and portability. This is a cost-effective and long-lasting hanger art solution that allows you to scroll, clean, and carry to wherever you want. Quick assembly required.



What is Included:

+ Custom Print Scrollable Wooden Magnetic Hanger Art in matte finish.

(Thickness: 0.36 mm or 0.014 inches)

+ Sizes available: 17.5 x 24 inches  and  17.5 x 36 inches.



Model 048-07

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