Knight Owl Lab is a California-based manufacturer of PC custom components that help redesign the generic look of your computers and to create something much more unique and personalized. Our team is a collection of young and aspiring individuals, taking on a new twist with the idea of capturing and inspiring others' passions through gaming and art.


Knight Owl Labs provides a platform for PC enthusiast to expand their creativity and go beyond. Knight Owl's mission is to create customizable PC accessories that you can enjoy and take pride in. These are the core-values that motivate and guide us in bringing you the finest PC gaming products possible.


Quality Assurance

By implementing a rigorous quality-control process, we fulfill and exceed customer's expectations on the product's aesthetic and its overall functionality.

  • You pick the design and we will take care of rendering and fitting the artwork precisely on your new RGB Gaming PC accessories.
  • Once printed, our technicians run rigorous tests ensuring the PC accessory is ready to be mounted into your gaming rig.

24/7 Support

Have a question? Contact our US-based support team at any time, available 24/7.

  • All of our RGB PC gaming accessories are supported by a 24/7 365 Customer Service team based in the United States.
  • Our support team is comprised of gamers and PC enthusiasts happy to take the time to answer your questions at any time.
  • We also have installation videos available for you here, so you can start mounting your new piece of RGB PC gaming accessory with ease.


Can't find the ideal artworks for your PC Gaming accessories? Design your own now with just a few clicks.

  • We offer you our ultimate customizer so you can personalize your favorite RGB PC Gaming accessories including RGB GPU Backplates, Support Brackets, AIO & Drive Covers.
  • RGB lighting options are also available for you to create the aesthetic you have envisioned.
  • Every piece of custom product is a one-of-a-kind work of art when it leaves our facility.


In early 2021, Knight Owl Labs introduces its own RGB GPU backplates that tremendously enhances the aesthetic of your PC build. We offer you the  tools to explore and render your imagination onto our custom GPU backplates in a few clicks. Our GPU backplates also display thousands of beautifully artwork and design through our collaboration with talented and popular artists. From Anime and Sport to Gaming and Pop Culture, we strive to expand the designs collection and categories every day and make sure you find something to fall in love with. And better yet? Your items will be ready for shipping in 3 business days, so you can complete your gaming rig’s visual as soon as possible.