Step 1. Power off your computer and remove your graphics card from your build

Step 2. Attach the included double-sided adhesives onto one side of the conductive magnets

Step 3. Place the magnets on the highest screw points of your GPU. The unpeeled side of the tapes should be facing upward and later be used to attach the backplate

*Tip: When in doubt, start with the far corners of the GPU first then distribute the magnets evenly in the middle to cover as much surface area as possible.

Step 4: Peel the other side of the tapes and simply place your glorious RGB Backplate on top of the GPU. Press it down gently to ensure the backplate is kept in place by the adhesives

Step 5: Connect your RGB GPU Backplate to power source (if RGB Backlit)

You have multiple options to power your new Knight Owl Labs’ GPU Backplate with the included Sata-Powered A-RGB Remote, Corsair iCUE Cable & Gigabyte VDG Cable

Option 1. Connect the RGB Lighting strip directly into your motherboard’s 3 Pin 5V RGB Header. Check out the list of compatible motherboards here. 

** Warning ** Only compatible with 5V 3-Pin Controller. If your motherboard has a 12V 4-Pin Header, check out the options below 

Option 2. Using the A-RGB Controller:

  • Simply connect the LED 3-pin key connector to the GPU Backplate at one end and connect the SATA Power Cable at the other end to any SATA Power Connector from your power supply unit. 
  • Toggle between RGB lighting modes using RF remote control

Option 3. Using iCue Cable

  • Connect one side of the cable to the backplate’s LED strip and plug the adapter end into a Corsair Commander Pro or Corsair Node Pro unit
  • Sync up your RGB lighting effects using Corsair iCUE’s software

Option 4. Using Gigabyte VDG Cable

  • Directly plug the adapter into a Gigabyte/Aorus Motherboard Fusion 5V 3 Pin VDG Header and connect the other end to the LED strip

Step 6: Sit back and start Gaming in Style!