The Neighbor'S Attack LED Backlit Acrylic Glass Wall Art (Contour Cut)

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Designed by Vincent Trinidad

*Sizes will vary per art. Artwork is enlarged to fit to 16x24 inch sheet, then contour cut. See last product photo for details.

Our LED Backlit Acrylic Glass Wall Art is made from Plexiglass material. Plexiglass is lightweight yet stronger than regular glass. It has scratch-resistant, shatter-resistant, waterproof, and UV proof properties. Wall Art is contour cut to the shape of the character and subject matter, giving your artwork stand out with an unique shape. Artwork is enlarged to fit up to a 16x24 inches sheet, then contour cut.
Wall mounted hardware included to give you an easy-to-setup process. Just hang it and plug your power adapter in for a LED light low. Easily toggle LED lights with included remote, over 25 settings. This wall art will generate a crystal-clear 3D view of your favorite custom artworks or photos. An amazing high-quality alternative to traditional glass wall art that blows an aesthetic ambience to your room and will last for a life-time.

What is included:

+Contour Cut Glass Art

+ Mounting Screws

(w/ RGB Option)

+ LED & Remote Kit


Model 013-14

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