Unexpected Battle RGB GPU Support Bracket & Addressable RGB Controller Kit

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Designed by RyspiritArt

Featuring hundreds of designs that match your brand new Knight Owl Labs’ RGB GPU Backplates, our RGB Support Brackets do not only look amazing in your build but also protect your Graphics Card from sagging and increase the longevity of the motherboard!

+ A-RGB ready

+ Compatible with 2-3 slot Graphics Card in different sizes

+ Included easy-mounting bump stops for simple installation and removal

+ Made with high-quality Acrylic

Check out our matching RGB GPU Backplate, AIO Covers, and Drive Covers

Can't find the artwork you're looking for? Design your own now!

What's Included

Non-Lit (NO RGB)

+ Support Bracket

+ (x4) Long-Thread Thumbscrews

+ Threaded Bump Stop Holder

+ Short Bump Stop

+ Long Bump Stop

RGB LED Backlit (Addressable)

+ Everything above

+ 5V 3Pin Addressable Header Cable

Include Remote + SATA/iCUE/VDG Cable 

+ Everything above

+ A-RGB Remote (SATA Powered)

+ Corsair iCue Cable

+ Gigabyte Fusion VDG Cable

Knight Owl Labs RGB GPU Support Bracket Installation

Installation Video is available here.

** Warning ** Always power off your PC before installing our RGB accessories. You are NOT required to remove your Graphics Card from the build to mount the Support Bracket

Step 1: Mount the bump stop onto your new GPU Support bracket by screwing manually the two included thumb screws through the rectangular acrylic piece with two threaded holes.

* Tip: For stress-free installation, route/plug in the LED cable (if RGB backlit) before mounting the GPU Bracket

Step 2: Remove 2 screws from the rear PCi Express Slot of your PC Case. These screws will most likely be underneath the two that secure your graphic card to the PCi bracket.

* Note: For larger cards that take up to 2.5 slots or more, simply mount the bracket in lower slots and adjust the bump stop to desired height.

Step 3: Reinstall the two removed screws to secure the GPU Support Bracket in place

Step 5: Connect your RGB GPU Support Bracket to a power source (if RGB backlit)

You have multiple options to power your new Knight Owl Labs’ GPU Support Bracket with the included Sata-Powered A-RGB Remote, Corsair iCUE Cable & Gigabyte VDG Cable.

Option 1. Connect the RGB Lighting strip into your motherboard’s 3-Pin 5V RGB Header. Check out the list of compatible motherboards here

** Warning ** Only compatible with 5v 3-Pin Controller. If your motherboard has a 12V 4-Pin Header, check out the options below

Option 2. Using the A-RGB Controller:

  • Simply connect the LED three-pin key connector to the GPU Bracket at one end and connect the SATA Power Cable at the other end to any SATA Power Connector from your power supply unit.
  • Toggle between RGB lighting modes using RF remote control

Option 3. Using iCue Cable

  • Connect one side of the cable to the bracket’s LED strip and plug in the adapter end into a Corsair Commander Pro or Corsair Node Pro unit
  • Sync up your RGB lighting effect using Corsair iCUE’s software

Option 4. Using Gigabyte VDG Cable

  • Directly plug the adapter into a Gigabyte/Aorus Motherboard Fusion 5V 3 Pin VDG Header and connect the other end to the LED strip

Step 6: Stop worrying about GPU sag and start Gaming in Style!


Model 017-02

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